Large scale capacity in the big data field with over 1500 servers customers like Alibaba Corp.

Unique “APP interface data acquisition” among the industry.High-performance computing engine can easily crawl dynamic web content.

Intelligent dynamic IP switching algorithm for real time acquisition of hotspot data from different regions of the world.

High-performance operation engine can easily get dynamic information on webpages.

Multiple programming languages for custom development, supporting 24h deployment of acquisition terminals worldwide.

The platform uses our Deep Learning algorithm and image recognition model capable of recognizing over 1,000 types of images.

Comprehensive use of Deep Learning to process natural languages at the semantic level, achieve semantic classification, label extraction, and emotion analysis with 91.25% precision.

Based on our advanced Deep Learning model, can accurately recognize illegal pictures, videos, text, audios containing pornography, violence and etc with over 99.5% precision. This can reduce operation risks and save up to 90% costs in reviewers.

Using artificial intelligent technology, build up customized storage platform for enterprises and companies to ensure safe and reliable data and effective for retrieving.

The global internet data collection platform provide worldwide social hot spotlight for all kinds of we-media.
20 million unique reviews per week can increase exposure effectively



More than 6000+ types of precision-user labels have insight into users characters and likes which makes more precise product launch with much better ROI.

Using internet data lock down obvious target crowd to dig into core users attributes, looking for certain scenario of target crowd and making interest content Ads of media cannel accordingly.

Auto-monitoring mention times or crowd of brand or product by social media, we can customized design brand security and public risk control system.

Using Kankan data models to search social circle, deep learning and natural language processing to lock down KOL and promotion target. We already applied to AstonMartin, Forever 21 and Weimob for customized service successfully.


Real-time Search Bots
Distributed Globally
Proprietary Mobile APP Data Search


Global Social Media User Profiles
Massive Data Processing Capabilities


Massive Social Media Content
Continuous Data Growth

4000+ Dimensions

High-precision Facial Recognition Platform
Object Recognition and Tracking

Remark China’s Machine Vision Product Launches in Ali Cloud Market

As we all know, Remark China’s social data platform and application services are all built on and hosted with Ali Cloud services. Ali Cloud can provide the capability for Remark China to analyze and handle global social media data. Now, the cooperation between Remark and Ali Cloud extends even further since Ruima’s machine vision platform...

March 14, 2017More

Tencent Cloud Cooperates with Remark China to Promote Effective Lead Acquisition of Big Data

On December 30, Tencent Cloud reached an agreement with Remark China to build Remark’s global social big data platform on Tencent Cloud who will provide service nodes across five continents with their leading trans-regional network interconnection services and technical support, allowing Remark China to expand its business globally. Both parties agree to collaborate in pursuing...

March 6, 2017More

Remark China Collaborates with the Ali Cloud’s “Big Data” Team to Build an Enterprise Graph Platform to Simplify Enterprise Big Data

“Big data”, “cloud computing”, and “artificial intelligence” became the buzz words of 2016 and Ali Cloud is one of the first companies to provide others with big data and cloud computing tools. Ali Cloud has not only developed a proprietary big data platform, but has created an open and public platform to provide tools...

December 6, 2016More